BEY ECLYPSE 1990-2009
Bey Shah | EM Celecte (x *El Mokhtar)

Former Senior Stallion and sire supreme at Morning Sun Arabians, Bey Eclypse was an accomplished show horse in both halter and performance who had earned the right to be called one of the leading Arabian sires in Canada.

As a show horse, Bey Eclypse garnered championship honours in Halter as well as Hunter and Western Pleasure. His greatest success in Halter was accomplished at the Regional level as an AOTH Champion Stallion and Reserve Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt. Under saddle, Bey Eclypse has been named twice Western Canadian Breeders Top Six in Hunter Pleasure and Western Canadian Breeders Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure ATR behind his eldest daughter MS Angelina Bey.

As a sire, Bey Eclypse excelled with mares from a broad genetic background. With 19 champion get to his credit, Bey Eclypse can boast a championships siring record of 33% of total foals sired. This percentage improves to almost 90% considering the number of champions sired from those get which have been shown. Consistently, the Bey Eclypse get have inherited his size, substance, well balanced structure and versatile athletic ability. His get are also reliably stamped with the unmistakable Bey Shah presence and charisma, the result of which is a program full of confident, naturally showy Arabians with enthusiastic tail carriage, abundant "snort and blow", and an eager, inquisitive, determined work ethic.

Of his 19 champions, Bey Eclypse can boast winners in Halter, Sport Horse In-Hand, Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Ladies Side Saddle, Dressage, Sport Horse Under Saddle and Endurance. His get continue to win throughout North America with achievements at US Nationals, Canadian Nationals, five Regional Championships and the Western Canadian Breeders Championships.

The best of the Bey Eclypse daughters have now entered the Morning Sun broodmare band and have already begun to produce the next generation of champions. We are confident the extraordinary Bey Eclypse legacy will live on through these beautiful well designed willing performers. We are proud to share in this legacy and to continue to lead the Canadian Arabian industry with the predictable success of Bey Eclypse.

Bey Eclypse was humanely put down in November 2009 due to a chronic joint deterioration. His presence is deeply missed at Morning Sun. The Bey Eclypse legacy continues to thrive in show rings and breeding programs across the continent. We will always be thankful for his influence in the Morning Sun program and the inspiration he provided us in his all too brief stay in our care.

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